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Expert Roof Repair In Iowa

Welcome to ProRoofs Roofing and Restoration, Iowa’s premier roof repair contractor!

The sound of rainwater leaking from your roof is never welcomed, but it’s important to know that this issue can be fixed. A lot goes into repairing a damaged roof—from assessing how bad the problem has gotten and figuring out what caused it in the first place all way through fixing up any other areas affected by these leaks or damages before they become worse than ever.

If you need a roofing service, our team can come to your home and fix the problem quickly. We are experts at identifying leaks or other damages on roofs so we won’t waste time trying to find out what’s wrong when it should be obvious.

Types of Roofs We Repair

Signs you may need roof repair:

  • Missing, cracked shingles
  • Shingle granules showing your gutter
  • Roof leak
  • Water inside the attic
  • Light peeking through attic
  • Wall and ceiling stains
  • Sagging rafters
  • Peeling and blistering paint

Common roofing problems

● Leaky Roofs

If you notice water coming in through the cracks on your roof, it could be due to age or damage. Either way, this needs fixing as soon as possible because otherwise, moisture will seep into walls and ceilings causing problems for insulation-which leads only to more expensive repairs down line.

● Leaky Flashing, Chimneys, and Pipe Collar

Leaks around flashing and pipe collars or chimneys can cause significant roofing issues down the road. If you notice any problem with your pipes, call us today for quick assistance.

● Damaged Shingles

The most common reason for roof damage is loose or damaged shingles. If your home’s roofs are showing any signs of wear, ProRoofs Roofing and Restoration should be contacted immediately to fix the issue before it gets worse.

● Fascia Damage

Strong winds or storms can lead to your house’s fascia detaching from it. But don’t worry, our roofing experts are here for you. They’ll inspect the area and fix any open spaces quickly so that everything looks great again in no time at all.

● Rotting wood

Rotting wood on your roof is dangerous and should be replaced immediately. If not, it could end up caving or sagging which will jeopardize the stability of all other materials in close proximity to where you have problems with this issue.

Why Repair your roof?

  • It saves you money

Repairing your roof before the damage worsens can save you money because it means lower repairs down the line.

  • Improves air quality

The quality of your air affects your health in-home. If you have a damaged roof, it will allow humidity and moisture into your house which causes mold to grow on ceilings or exterior walls. These molds can cause myriad issues with breathing as well mental stress for those who live there.

  • To improve the aesthetic appeal

The roof of your house is one feature that can make or break the appeal for potential buyers. If it’s in need of repairs, this may be an opportunity to increase resale value with minimal effort on behalf our self.

  • Increase house value

The roof of your house is an essential part that buyers will be interested in. If it has been neglectfully maintained, then this could deter them from wanting to buy or even investing more money into making repairs on their purchase.

Why Choose ProRoofs Roofing and Restoration To Repair Your Roof?

● More than ten years of experience

When you need a roof, there are so many things that can go wrong. We’ve seen it all and we’re here to help. Our team is composed of experts in their field who will take care of every detail from the beginning until the end – no matter what structure your home or business sits upon, if they haven’t already done work like this before then rest assured knowing everything possible was taken into consideration during planning stages

● Quality Materials

We do our best to only use high-quality materials and supplies, so you can be sure your finished product will last for years.

● Flexible

When you need a roof, it’s crucial to find someone who can work with all different materials. Our experienced team of professionals has the skill set needed for any type or size project.

● Customer Service

You can always count on us to communicate with you in an open and transparent way. We want our customers to feel confident about their decisions, so we make sure they know exactly what the plan of action is from start to finish.

Iowa’s Most Trusted Roof Repair Contractor

It is never too late to get your roof fixed. We provide free inspections and estimates so you know what the right decision will be for protecting that investment. There are many components involved in making sure any repairs or replacements meet all safety standards – just ask us, we’re experts at understanding roof.

About Us


We are a family owned roofing company specializing in roof replacement for both residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, we will replace your soffits and fascia if needed.

We guarantee that we will perform all work in an effective and professional manner. We will comply and exceed all provincial roofing code and local regulations.

Pro Roofs is a roofing company with a difference. We're dedicated to using the latest technology, quality materials, and exceptional workmanship to roof homes and businesses across the US.

But what really sets us apart is our commitment to giving back. For every roof we install, we donate a portion of the proceeds to support military veterans and their families.

So when you choose Pro Roofs, you're not just getting a top-quality roof - you're also helping those who have given so much for our country.


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What We Offer


We specialize in damage repair on residential and commercial roofing. Give us a call today for your free inspection. 24 Hour Repair Service!


Get an expert look by having us do everything from putting up flashing guards around windows (to keep moisture out) right down through adding nails into boards so they stay put when strong winds come along - we're here for you every step of way with any questions too big nor small alike!


You can trust our team to get the job done right. We use high-quality materials and parts, so you don't have worry about leaks or other problems later on down the road!


The storms that roll in off the ocean can be pretty nasty. They usually only last for a few days but they wreak havoc with our homes and businesses all over town, sending people into panic mode as electricity goes out across neighborhoods or trees fall onto roofs damaging cars inside their garages beneath them!


We offer a wide range of products to fit your roofing needs. Our steel roofs will last for decades with minimal maintenance and the best part is that they can help save you money in heating costs!


We specialize in damage repair on residential and commercial roofing. Give us a call today for your free inspection! 


Why Us


We believe that when it comes to your home, the job should be done perfectly and last a lifetime. This might not make us the cheapest company in the area, but we stand behind our work and leave our customers extremely satisfied. So much that they refer friends, family, and neighbors without hesitation.


If something we installed breaks, malfunctions, or just plain doesn’t make you happy, we’ll fix it – with our labor warranty that matches the manufacturer’s warranty on materials.


We understand that home improvement is a big investment, because we’re homeowners too. We know how important it is to get the job done right and want to make sure that it meets your highest level of approval.


In your search for a home improvement company, you’ve probably come across words like “experienced” or “trustworthy,” but how can you know if they’re true?

How We Work


Connect With Us to Set Up an Appointment

During this meeting, we’ll come to your home to discuss your vision for your home and make sure that it’s a project that we can take on. By the end of this meeting, you can expect a full inspection and a quote.

Approval of Project Specifications
Upon approval, we will begin work on the specifications for this project. The process is very important in order to ensure that all deadlines and expectations are met with our end goal -to have your best roof ever!
Building your Project + Quality Inspection

This is an important step in the process. You need to make sure that your project, from start-to-finish meets our high standards for quality.



To ensure that your property is completely restored to its pre-storm condition if a storm destroys it, you need the assistance of a knowledgeable team of home restoration specialists. To ensure that, our staff works closely with your insurance provider. From the initial inspection to ensuring all damages are covered, we are there for you at every turn.
Our Work




We donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations that support our veterans, namely Wounded Warrior Project. We are proud to help those who have served our country and given so much for our freedom.



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